Photo: Jukung by the water along Bali's coast.

Diving in Tulamben

The wreck is 120 metres in length, with the stern at a depth of six metres and the bow at thirty.

Photo of Diving in Tulamben

For more advanced divers there is the possibility to get inside the hull of the ship and explore and it is widely claimed to be one of the better wrecks in the world for diving. Snorkelling is also possible above the wreck, though visibility isn't always ideal.

The Liberty isn't the only dive site though with the Drop Off (a 40 metre, well, drop off) and the Coral Garden being other highlighted spots.

Most of the more expensive hotels in town have their own dive shops and provide discounts if you are staying with them. Otherwise, Sea Hua Ha Ha ( in the middle of town offers a range of dive options starting at 300,000 rupiah for an introductory dive which requires no PADI certification.

The price for certified divers to dive the USAT Liberty is 350,000 rupiah for a single dive and 600,000 rupiah for two consecutively.

Last updated on 8th June, 2011.

Location map for Diving in Tulamben

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