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Candi Gatokaca

A path from Komplek Candi Arjuna leads 400 metres straight to Candi Gatokaca, the next natural stop on the inner circuit.

Photo of Candi Gatokaca

The temple here is much like those at Komplek Candi Arjuna, but from this location there are great views across the surrounding farmland to the centre of town. As far as temples go, it's a fairly mediocre affair – a flat-topped number with some stairs leading inside. Around the edges of the temple are piles of stones, allegedly remnants from other temples that used to be in the immediate vicinity – they simply give an unkempt look to the site.

Museum Kailasa across the road costs 5,000 rupiah to enter and is of passing interest only.

Last updated on 12th September, 2012.

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