Kawah Sikidang

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Photo of Kawah Sikidang, , Dieng Plateau

What we say: 4.5 stars

The crater here is a geothermal complex containing a series of bubbling pools of mud and water, steam vents, warm streams and hot earth. Many of the less dangerous areas here are unfenced, giving visitors the opportunity to test out whether that bubbling water really is hot (it is) and the opportunity to grab a stick and dig around in the ground to open up patches of hot earth.

The fenced areas of Kawah Sikidang contain large and extremely dangerous pits of vigorously boiling mud. One of the incredible boiling mud pits swirls madly as non-toxic steam spews forth and blows across the misty landscape. It's quite an extraordinary scene.

At the entrance to the site are a few dozen small stalls selling great snacks and hot coffee. Try the assorted gorengan (fried tempe and tofu), some fantastic hot chips made from locally grown potatoes and an instant Indonesian-style coffee to put a spring back into your step and a bit of well-deserved warmth back into your body.

Kawah Sikidang is 800 metres along the road which turns off at Candi Bima. It represents the second last activity on the inner Dieng circuit. Next stop Telaga Warna.

Last updated: 12th September, 2012

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