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Pasar Klewar (Batik Market) and Kampung Batik

Nearly all of the products on sale are made from cheap mass produced batik, so be wary of any claims that the batik is handmade.

Photo of Pasar Klewar (Batik Market) and Kampung Batik

 The market is busy, crowded and hot, so it's better to go early in the morning. Prices are reasonable, but you will need to haggle. 

In a secondary part of the market just nearby, to the north of Masjid Agung mosque, are more batik clothes as well as cheap everyday T-shirts and jeans, with many items being sold from the back of people's cars.

In streets to the west of the market, there is a batik kampung (or batik neighbourhood) which is full of boutiques selling the distinctive cloth... here you can take claims of quality craftsmanship a bit more seriously. Prices in the boutiques tend to be significantly higher than at the markets, however the quality is usually significantly higher too.

Open daily from early morning to late afternoon

Last updated on 23rd October, 2012.

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