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Surprisingly, the museum is little known by most tourists, perhaps because it is situated behind what looks like a typical expensive batik boutique. The batik in the museum is grouped into different styles, from those cloths designed by Dutch women during the colonial period, to Chinese-inspired batik and to patterns worn exclusively by the Yogyakarta and Solo royal families.

There are also selections from different regions around Indonesia. The guides are extremely knowledgeable about the history of the fabric and the process of making it. The quality of the fabric on display, and the huge number of designs, makes a visit to this museum akin to visiting an art gallery.

Perhaps best of all, the tour also includes a look at the large Danar Hadi factory, where you can see every step in the process of making both hand-drawn and stamped batik up close.  At a minimum, it usually takes two months to finish a piece of the cloth and some of the more detailed pieces can take as long as a year.

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Jl Brigjen Slamet Riyadi No. 261, Solo
Opening Hours: Daily 09:00-15:30
Last updated: 23rd October, 2012

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