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Grojogan Sewu Waterfall

It also seems like a favourite place for timid courting teenagers on very G-rated dates.

Photo of Grojogan Sewu Waterfall

The path down to the waterfall is steep but paved steps make it a very manageable walk. Save some energy for the trek back up. At the base, a children's playground and wading pool indicate that weekends are when the waterfall is at its busiest, but on weekdays it's peaceful... well, except for the thunderous roar of the huge amounts of water bucketing down the almost 100-metre-high cliff face.

Many choose to take a fully clothed dip or a shower under the falls or in the sparkling clean stream. The surrounding area is also home to a monkey reserve and there are a number of options for hiking, as well as some small homestays for those wanting to spend the night.

How to get there
It's very difficult to access without a car or motorcycle. Trips to Candi Sukuh and Candi Ceto from Solo often include a stop at the waterfall, otherwise it may be possible to hire a local ojek to take you from one of the temples to the waterfall.

Last updated on 23rd October, 2012.

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