Parangtritis Beach

Go for the charm, not the swimming

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What we say: 3.5 stars

But if you're craving some sea air, this black volcanic sand beach can put on a spectacular sunset. It is a fun place to spend a quiet hour or so, eating corn cobs cooked over charcoal on the sand, flying kites or taking rides around on horse-drawn carts or horseback and wandering through the small village. But this beach is not safe for swimming, so don't even think about it.

The strong currents have claimed several lives in recent years, including those of seven high school students in early 2010. Also, because of the more conservative local culture, people tend to be fully clothed while enjoying this beach, so wearing a bikini here would probably result in many unwelcome stares.

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How to get there: Located about a 40 minute drive south from the centre of Yogya, Parangtritis is most easily accessed by car or motorcycle.
Last updated: 20th October, 2010

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  • A good place to wander from. 3 stars

    8th May, 2013

    Worth a day trip if you are comfortable on a motorbike and are looking for an excuse to spend more time in Yogya. You can take the main route down and with the wind you'll likely not stay more than a couple of hours exploring the beach.

    When you decide to leave just keep heading in the direction you arrived and up hill, that way you won't have to double back down the busy highway and can take some very scenic back roads with less traffic. If you stay on the right course you'll be treated eventually to a nice hilltop view of the plain before you start riding down and eventually join back up with the main road. If you get lost - don't worry, keep an idea of north and you'll end up back at Yogya eventually.

    Parangtritis Beach reviewed by caseyprich (3)
    Written on 8th May, 2013, rated 3 out of 5. Visited here in July, 2012

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