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Pulau Taupan

One of the top snorkelling and diving spots at the far east of the archipelago, a trip to Pulau Taupan is highly recommended for those staying at Island Retreat or Poya Lisa.

Photo of Pulau Taupan

The island is home to a single village on the east coast and two lovely white sand beaches running down the east coast. Taupan is best known for its west coast reef and wall, which delivers excellent snorkelling and diving conditions.

Depending on who you ask, the wall drops to 100 or 200 metres -- the blue just goes on and on -- and the reeftop offers great snorkelling. If you're staying at either of the two westernmost resorts, this is close to a must-visit. On the way here we passed multiple pods of several dozen dolphins -- some leaping clear out of the water right beside our boat -- which was an absolute highlight of our entire Sulawesi trip.

Last updated on 26th May, 2014.

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