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Trekking is the primary reason that most people make the journey to Luang Nam Tha.

People come away with different feelings primarily dependent on what they were expecting in the first place. Each of the trekking companies in town has exclusive rights to particular trails and villages in the region meaning you should never meet another group on a trail or in a village from a different tour company to the one you choose.

The jungle around Luang Nam Tha is a mixture of primary forest, secondary regenerated forest and rubber plantations, and the area that you visit will greatly depend on the tour company you choose. Before deciding on a company make sure you know exactly where you will be trekking and what the environment will be like.

All treks are physically demanding and on hot days you will need at least one litre of water per person and for some people two litres. If the tour company provides water, ask how much; if it doesn't sound like enough, take more.

The prices of tours throughout town varies, but a good middle of the road company is located at the trekking desk at Forest Retreat Cafe. Expect in the region of 800,000 kip per person when a full group departs.

Last updated: 26th November, 2012

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