The Morning Market

Goes all day, but the morning is best

Photo of The Morning Market, , Muang Sing

What we say: 4 stars

People of all local ethnicities flock to snap up the freshest produce, the plumpest bird, the juiciest lizard -- many locals resplendent in their colourful traditional dress.

The produce covers the familiar and the unexpected, varying with the seasons: stuffed grilled frogs on a stick; dried buffalo skin to chew on; stuffed intestines; brightly coloured, sweet coconut jellies; and fried donuts, Lao-style; savoury and sweet. Wildlife is often available ready-to-cook.

Sadly, some of them are endangered species: wild cats, large rodents, rare birds, snails and other insects. Often, when a pig or a buffalo has been slaughtered, every part of its anatomy is for sale; the skin, the head, the ears, the teeth, the hoofs, the blood, the internal organs; even the juice that comes out of its intestines are all used for cooking. Definitely not for the squeamish.

Last updated: 22nd October, 2012

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