Nam Kad Waterfall

A scenic ride through the countryside

Photo of Nam Kad Waterfall, , Udomxai

What we say: 3 stars

The road starts off tarred, but soon turns to dirt and rock and deteriorates as each kilometre unfolds until you reach sections which resemble the surface of the moon. But it gets worse when you have to start fording rivers of which there are at least two, but possibly up to six if the rains have been particularly heavy. The views along this road are wonderful with ricefields, jungle and the odd grass hut contrasting brilliantly with the bright blue Laotian sky.

When we visited, the gate about five kilometres from the waterfall was locked shut and there was no one around to open it up meaning a five kilometre walk was required. We have heard that at other times the gate is open and a guide will escort you so you don't get lost, but you won't find out until you get there.

Perhaps it's open on the whim of the guides or waterfall guardians as we like to call them. The waterfall is a mediocre one anyway and the best thing about it is the ride to get here, which is truly spectacular in parts. If you've got a motorbike and a few spare hours, head out here and check it out.

Last updated: 28th October, 2012

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