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Wat Phu That

Both the standing golden Buddha, a good 15 metres high, and the Wat Phu That stupa are impressive, especially at sunset.

Photo of Wat Phu That

Most people will come and grab a couple of photos and promptly retreat back down to the main road.

The air is fresh while the views over town and the surrounding mountains are also lovely. The stupa is believed to date back to the 14th century and it still holds religious importance, with ceremonies held every full moon.

This is a nice spot to come stretch your legs after a long bus ride. The noise from the town below disappears and sometimes students visit at sunset to find tourists for a chat so they can practise their English, and maybe you can practise your Lao. The full name of the stupa is Xaymungkhun Ratanamingmuang.

Take the stairs opposite Litthavixay or use the road further towards the river – look for the sign.

Last updated on 2nd August, 2015.

Wat Phu That
On the hill, Udomxai
Sunrise to sunset

Location map for Wat Phu That

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