Tad Leuk Waterfall

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A hydropower diversion project upstream has significantly reduced the flow of water at Tad Leuk Waterfall, and this is especially noticeable from January to April. Despite this, the 10m high Tad Leuk has retained much of its charm as a water feature set in a tranquil clearing among relatively unspoiled mixed deciduous forest. A pictorial description of the national park is on show at the information centre, consisting of various engaging exhibits prepared by foreign advisers to the park. A set of reference works and field guides is also available for visitors wishing to obtain some deeper knowledge. A delightfully ramshackle family-run restaurant is situated overlooking the waterfall. Rotting wooden balustrades and supporting posts have been entwisted with spectacular climbing flora rising from pools at the foot of the waterfall. At festival times the facility hosts boozy groups of Lao officials and Vientiane workers, but otherwise it is deserted. As a consequence, no food is available apart from the ubiquitous instant noodles and tinned fish. The owners speak little English, but as is common in Laos, they are exceptionally friendly. They also operate the camp site and guided treks.

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Phou Khao Khouay National Park
Opening Hours: Open during daylight hours
How to get there: There is adequate road access to Tad Leuk for most vehicles between November and May. Only motorcycles and 4WD can use the road outside these months. Take a left turn at the signposted junction about 24km from Ban Palai on Route 13 South. The waterfall turnoff is easy to miss, so be vigilant. From there the road meanders 4km down to Tad Leuk.
Last updated: 26th July, 2008

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