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Both Green Discovery and Adam's Climbing School offer half- and full-day courses under the watchful eye of their qualified instructors, or courses can be extended to two or three days for higher-level training.

The instruction and climbing routes cover different areas and levels of skill from basic knots to multi-pitch climbing. Adam's is probably the better choice given that rock climbing is their sole purpose for existing while Green Discovery is more interested in offering tours across the full range of activities in town.

A half-day session with Adam's Climbing school will set you back around 180,000 kip, although they do offer a range of different climbing options. Prices fluctuate dependent on numbers of guests and the option chosen. A full-day climb costs 260,000 kip.

Green Discovery Unit 08, Rd No.13, Ban Sengsavang, Vang Vieng. T/F: (023) 511 230. Open 8:00-22:00.
Adam's Climbing School T: (020) 501 0832.

Last updated: 8th January, 2014

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