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Vang Vieng’s dramatic limestone karst make it an exciting place to learn outdoor rock climbing year round. Established in 2004, Adam's Climbing School offers half- and full-day courses that can be extended to two or three days for higher-level training, all done under the watchful eye of a qualified instructor or Mr Sangthong (aka Adam) himself, who speaks Lao, English and German.
Whether you are a beginner or have prior experience, a half-day course costs 180,000 kip, a full day 260,000 kip. If you want to really progress in skill and difficulty, do the two-, three- or five-day course (US$100, $165, $225). The instruction covers different areas and levels of skill from basic knots and belay techniques to absailing and multi-pitch climbing. Those who are climbing pros can rent equipment or arrange advanced trips.

Adam’s specialises in climbing and has international climbing experience, and the level of service is excellent, which is why we’d recommend them over Green Discovery, who are outdoor activity generalists. Adam’s also has a set price per person regardless of whether you are the only student, and he maintains a ratio of one to four students per instructor. All companies in Vang Vieng do climb in the same spot 2.5 kilometres north of town, and inside a cave 2.5 kilometres west of town during rainy season. Book at least a day in advance.

Adam's Climbing School: On the street south of hospital; T: (020) 5656 4499, (020) 5501 0832;; .

Last updated: 21st August, 2015

About the author:
Cindy Fan is a Canadian writer & photographer living in Laos since 2011. She's the author of So Many Miles, her blog about diving in, discovering and creating a narrative about the world, one story and adventure at a time.
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