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What we say: 3.5 stars

Playing drums, learning traditional self-defence moves and learning the strategic manoeuvres of spinning heavy wooden tops -- visitors are encouraged to give them all a go. The performers at the centre are also quite enthusiastic, which can be contagious.

Programmes are run for a gamut of traditional games including rebana (giant drum), silat tari (self-defence), gasing uri (top spinning), demo buat wau (kite making) and Wayang kulit (shadow play).

Unless there is a tour bus parked at the centre, it will most likely be you and a dozen or so folks.

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?Near the corner of Jalan Mahmood and Jalan Bayam?
Last updated: 10th October, 2013

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Vanessa eventually based herself in Langkawi and settled into the island lifestyle. The location offered a gateway to Southeast Asia, from where she continues her exploration of Malaysia, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong and other destinations on her 'to-do' list.
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Kota Bharu Cultural Centre
?Near the corner of Jalan Mahmood and Jalan Bayam?
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