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Be wary of the monkeys
Batu Caves is a bit of a tourist trap, in my books. You climb the stairs, stand in the cave (trying...

By busylizzy

What we say: 4.5 stars

The first sight that hits you when you approach the site (07:00-21:00, free admission) is the massive statue of Lord Murugan, a particularly important deity for Malaysia's Hindu community.

Next to the statue are the 272 steps leading up to main caves of the temple complex. After the ordeal by steps, you are faced with the 100-metre high Cathedral or Temple Cave. After another set of steps is a smaller cave, which is bathed in light from the tree-lined gap in the ceiling above. The best (and worst) time to visit Batu Caves is during the Hindu festival of Thaipusam, when the site is thronged by several hundred thousand worshippers.

The caves are located right next to a KTM Komuter station (2 ringgit from KL Sentral).

Last updated: 1st June, 2012

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  • Be wary of the monkeys 2 stars

    25th March, 2014

    Batu Caves is a bit of a tourist trap, in my books. You climb the stairs, stand in the cave (trying to avoid being shat on by a pigeon), take a few photos, walk up some more steps, more photos, and then back down. All the while sharing the moment with a gazillion other tourists.

    Aim to go early in the morning. The crowds were increasing significantly as I left around 11am.

    Be wary of the monkeys. Like most temples, they're everywhere. Reach into your bag for a water bottle or camera, they are likely to make a grab. The place is strewn with plastic bottles stolen by monkeys, or given to them by stupid tourists who think itss funny to watch a monkey guzzling a bottle of Coke. Like that's part of their natural diet....

    All in all, it was a cheap and pleasant journey there by train. And you do get to take some good photos. But I was underwhelmed by the experience of the caves overall. Maybe I was just missing something..?

    Batu Caves reviewed by busylizzy (5)
    Written on 25th March, 2014, rated 2 out of 5. Visited here in March, 2014

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