The Crystal Mosque and the Islamic Civilisation Park

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Photo of The Crystal Mosque and the Islamic Civilisation Park, , Kuala Terengganu

What we say: 2.5 stars

The Islamic Civilisation Park is a theme park-type attraction that has scale models of a number of Islamic monuments from across Malaysia and around the world. Primarily designed as an outing for families with children, it is of passing interest only -- especially given the admission is a rather steep 20 ringgit.

The Crystal Mosque is a large glass-faceted mosque sitting over the waters of the Terengganu River. It is pretty enough and warrants a photo or two, but we're not sure it is worth the trip. If you do a boat trip, they'll take you right by here.

Don't make the mistake we did and assume you have to pay the 20 ringgit to reach the Crystal Mosque -- you don't. Just head right from the ticket office and keep going. There is no admission to the mosque, though appropriate clothing is required.

Admission 20 ringgit

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Last updated: 24th November, 2012

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