Prawn fishing in Singapore

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If you like to work for your dinner, or are simply looking for a unique activity to try in Singapore, you may be interested in prawn fishing. Also known as “prawning”, this pastime is growing in popularity in Singapore – possibly because it ends with a meal of barbecued seafood.

Prawn fishing is fun and solves the question

Prawn fishing is fun and solves the question “what’s for dinner?”

Prawn fishing is a lot like regular fishing in that it requires a lot of patience and a bit of skill. The equipment is simple and consists of a rod, line, float and hook baited with a worm or small piece of meat. Prawn fishing centres in Singapore will supply the equipment and the bait.

Put your line in the water and wait — when a prawn takes the bait the float will move. Give the rod a quick tug to snag the prawn and pull it out of the water. This is where technique comes in, as you need to time it just right so the prawn doesn’t come free. You can watch a video of prawn fishing in Singapore on YouTube.

Prawn fishing centres in Singapore charge by the hour – in the range of S$13 to $18 with discounts for multiple hours – and you get to keep what you catch. You’re welcome to take the prawns home or many offer barbecue pits so you can grill them on the spot.

You can try your hand at prawn fishing at artificial prawn ponds found scattered across the island, usually in parks and recreational areas, including the following:

Fisher’s Tavern: Pasir Ris Town Park, T: 6254 2823, from S$13 per hour
East Coast Prawning: East Coast Park, T: 6227 3330, from S$15 per hour
Jurong Hill Prawn Fishing & Beer Garden: The Village @ Jurong Hill (opposite Jurong Bird Park), T: 6265 2598, from S$15 per hour
Punggol Prawning: Marina Country Club (free shuttle bus from Seng Kang MRT), T: 6310 1012, from S$18 per hour

Last updated: 15th November, 2014

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