Wat Lokkayasutharam

Pleasant surrounds, big reclining Buddha

Photo of Wat Lokkayasutharam, , Ayutthaya

What we say: 3.5 stars

The serene, faded white image lies 42 metres long and eight metres high at the head, so large that you might need a panoramic shot to fit it into a single photo.

Apart from the reclining Buddha, all you'll find at Wat Lokkayasutharam are a handful of village women who are quite pushy in their attempts to sell flowers and incense to be offered to the image, as well as tiny statuettes for "good luck". The reclining Buddha is actually located at the rear of the original temple complex, but all that remains of that is a brick platform and an ancient Khmer-style brick prang doing its best impression of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It's unknown when the temple was constructed, but it was obviously neglected during restorations of other sites.

The reclining Buddha is impressive, however, and the short bike ride from the more popular ruins is made more worthwhile by two interesting minor sites located one after the next along the way -- Wat Wora Pho and Wat Wora Chet Tha Ram.

The former has a large stone seated Buddha set between two old trees while the latter offers great photo-ops of another seated Buddha through windows in what's left of the brick temple structure that houses it.

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Opening Hours: Open at all hours
Last updated: 9th February, 2013

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