Photo: Seated Buddhas at a Wat in Ayutthaya.

Wat Phra Ram

Though not as striking as the one at Wat Ratchaburana (or Wat Putthaisawan for that matter), Wat Phra Ram has another large Khmer-style prang at its centre.

Photo of Wat Phra Ram

It was built to mark the cremation grounds of King U-Thong in 1369.

In the years following its construction the wat was allowed to deteriorate considerably, and though it's undergone many restorations over the years, it now has a somewhat forgotten, overgrown feel. Although Wat Phra Ram is around the corner from Wat Mahathat and Wat Phra Sri Sanphet, it doesn't attract nearly as many visitors. The quiet, leafy grounds filled with minor chedis surrounding the main prang make for a peaceful 20 minutes, but it probably doesn't warrant the same price tag as the other main sites.

If just wanting a picture of the chedi, head to the east side where you take a good photo from over the brick wall. While over here, take a little break beside Bueng Phra Ram, a pond that was made by human hands centuries ago when the earth was dug out and used in the building of Ayutthaya's temples and palaces. The lotus flowers have unfortunately disappeared due to the 2011 flood, but hopefully they'll return some day.

If you do pay to enter the grounds, you can climb up to the base of the chedi from where there is a good view of the complex and the immediate surounds.

How to get there
The entrance to Wat Phra Ram is on the west side of the grounds off Naresuan Road, a short walk south of Wat Phra Si Sanphet.

Last updated on 27th November, 2014.

Wat Phra Ram
Si Sanphet Road
Daily 08:00-17:00, floodlit nightly 19:00-21:00

Location map for Wat Phra Ram

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