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Wat Chakrawat

Presented as a royal temple in 1825, Wat Chakrawat - or the crocodile wat, as it should be known - boasts three live crocodiles along with a stuffed specimen.

Photo of Wat Chakrawat

Supposedly brought here as strays, the three live beasts sit in two separate ponds to the left as you enter the main temple. The croc in the left pond is at least three metres long while the two in the right are each around two metres long. The stuffed crocs who sits between the two ponds is an original member of the gang.

The wat grounds could easily be mistaken for a car park, as it seems either the whole neighbourhood is inside making merit or they've all just left their vehicles here. The charm is in the wat's mystery, with small gates leading into caves and highly ornamented chedis atop natural hills.

Unfortunately, much of the wat is locked and the most memorable part of the visit might be the packs of stray dogs wandering around.

How to get there
Walk down Chakrawat Rd and turn left about 100 metres south of Sampaeng Lane. You'll enter a large car park and the wat is to your left. The closest river ferry stop is Tha Ratchanongse (N5).

Wat Chakrawat
Chakrawat Rd

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