Wakeboarding at Lake Taco

Yup, Bangkok has that too

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Nothing says summer time where I come from (the flat, dry farming part of the world) like a Sunday trip to the lake. Waterskiing, grilling, and Sunday afternoon beers are an integral part of the summer social fabric. Lacking a boat, I thought that Sunday afternoons next to the lake were something I’d just have to get used to living without even in Thailand, land of endless summer. Wrong.

No really, it's called Lake Taco.

Welcome to Lake Taco, the most ridiculous lake ever. It’s not really a lake, it’s a beung in Thai — a freshwater pond, complete with lotus flower you can swim through. The boats have been replaced with a tow rope, but there are plenty of places to sit beung-side and enjoy an afternoon outside. The tow rope is used for kneeboarding and wakeboarding; I’d never used one before, but once you get used to the take off (you are literally ripped from the dock and flung out into the water) and the corners (there’s some fantastic whiplash as the rope rounds it’s 90-degree turns) it’s really fun.

Your correspondent accomplishes this with much less grace, and much more flailing. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

It’s 300 baht for two hours of wake boarding, or 500 for four hours. Basic wakeboards and kneeboards are available for free while more pro-quality equipment is rented for an extra 200 baht a day. Plenty of deck chairs are spaced around in the shade to chill out until you feel like being flung around the pond again, and a great little snack bar that has good Thai food (45-65 baht a plate) and cold beers (55 baht). The best time to arrive is around 11:00, as it starts to get crowded around 14:00 on.

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Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12:00-18:00 ; Sat-Sun 10:00-18:00
How to get there: Getting to Lake Taco will require either some Thai language ability, or a taxi driver who can speak a little bit of English (or a helpful hotel staff member who can translate for you). Take the Bangna-Trat Expressway towards Suvarnabhumi airport to Kilometre 16. Take the u-turn at Km 16 so that you are headed back into Bangkok, and then take the left exit onto the parallel access road. Very shortly after you get onto the access road, you will pass under a pedestrian overpass bridge. Turn into the next soi to the left. Keep your eyes open, and at the first right there's a white sign with a red stick figure on water skis and big arrow. Keep following that sign (it points the way at every turn) to Lake Taco.
Last updated: 4th March, 2015

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