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The Tiger Temple

Perhaps in response to criticism about their living conditions, a new 'Tiger Island' enclosure has been constructed, which is meant to replicate their natural environment.

Photo of The Tiger Temple

To pay for this massive project, the entrance fee is a hefty 300 baht. The temple appears to have perhaps got a bit greedy after seeing the massive tourism dollars their tigers bring in. In early 2013, a gargantuan and rather tacky concrete sculpture of a lounging tiger was being constructed in the field facing the road near the front gates, which also have been outfitted with a garish tiger head.

Whatever the truth behind the stories about the animals being drugged, it is certainly true that their sense of smell is artificially reduced to make them less unpredictable. For some, the experience of being close enough to these animals to touch is worth the trip and expense, but many find the experience too contrived.

How to get there
The temple is easily reached by tour or by motorbike -- just look for the giant tiger head/gateway on the right, 38 kilometres west of Kanchanaburi immediately off route 323. Buses to Thong Pha Phum can also drop you here, but you'll need to walk the kilometre or two from the main road to the actual temple.

Last updated on 13th May, 2013.

The Tiger Temple
38 km west of Kanchanaburi off route 323

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