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One building is devoted mainly to the history of the many Thai-Burmese wars that have taken place over the centuries. Here you'll find displays of ancient swords, sculptures of Thai kings and dramatic murals of warfare on elephant-back. Two huge bomb shells greet visitors to the main building, which houses dozens of mid-20th century fire arms and several anonymous human remains from people who died in the area during World War II. The remains are stuffed into a dusty glass case and surrounded by a disorganised photo display focusing on death, destruction and depravity. Out front are statues of all the major heads of state and prominent generals on both sides of World War II, lined up as though they're the coaches of opposing football squads.

While it's an interesting spot to kill a half-hour, there seems to be no clear focus to this museum; after passing through the war history section visitors enter an upstairs area with the complete history of the Thai people boiled down into a few paragraphs, followed by life-size portraits of every Miss Thailand from 1934 to 1992. Strange indeed.

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By the Death Railway Bridge, Kanchanaburi
Opening Hours: Daily 08:00-17:00
How to get there: The museum is just to the south of the Death Railway Bridge.
Last updated: 13th May, 2013

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