Wat Tham Mongkon Thong

The miraculous floating nun

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What we say: 4 stars

A string of more than half a dozen floating nuns have served time here -- a few still live here and can be seen walking (not floating) around the compound.

Although performed in front of Nikon-wielding devotees in a small round pool, the performance is worth seeing as the nun really does seem to float on top of the water while assuming various yoga positions. Sceptics have been known to taste the water (it is not salty) or even jump in, but they can't match the nun's buoyancy. After the show, the nun will bless anyone with an illness or injury.

Shows do not follow a set schedule, but it's worth a trip here regardless to see the small museum near the nun's floating arena that displays a handful of artifacts found in the surrounding area, and also a long stairway that leads up to a cave temple where you can crawl from one cavern to another, eventually ending up near the hill's summit.

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About 5 km southwest of town in Ko Samrong
How to get there: The temple is located in Ko Samrong, a small village to the southwest of Kanchanaburi located in the peninsula formed by the convergence of the Rivers Kwai and Noi. To get here on your own, head south on Sangchuto Road, all the way past Tesco Lotus and cross the river at the furthest south bridge in Kanchanaburi. From there, take a right on to route 3429, then a left at the end and another left immediately after passing through Ko Samrong village. The temple is not signposted in English so you may need to ask a local for help. Alternately, get a songthaew or motorbike taxi to bring you out here and back.
Last updated: 13th May, 2013

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