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Also known as the Chanthabun waterfront district, the old town is clustered around narrow Sukhapiban Rd beside the river and will be a highlight for visitors who appreciate culture, heritage, architecure and some great local foods.

Many of the buildings are more than a century old, and while they could use a good restoration, they possess a definite aged charm. Some buildings are built of teak and show Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai architectural influences, while others feature French-style shutters and second-floor balconies.

Although the buildings are indeed lovely, most of the charm comes from the locals who dwell in them; hole-in-the-wall noodle shops, ice cream parlours, bakeries, gem dealers, herb shops and laidback cafes with riverside verandas can all be found tucked into the old streets.

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Sukhapiban Rd
Last updated: 3rd December, 2014

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Usually found exploring Bangkok's side streets or south Thailand's islands, David Luekens is an American freelance writer & photographer who finds everyday life in Asia to be extraordinary. You can follow his travails here.
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Chanthaburi old town
Sukhapiban Rd
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