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The most popular beach is Hat Chao Lao, located some 30 kilometres west of Chanthaburi, which boasts some wide and inviting stretches of sand to go with a relaxed beach town atmosphere that's very much accessible to foreign tourists. A great family destination, Chao Lao is a solid alternative to more crowded party beach towns like Pattaya and Hua Hin, but still offers plenty of activities and places to stay and eat. For a similar beach but in a more remote setting, head a few more kilometres west to Khun Wiman beach.

If simply wanting to see some sand, Hat Laem Singh is set 20 kilometres due south from Chanthaburi and is the closest option. While not as good as Chao Lao's beach, Laem Singh does have some decent sand, especially near the seaside park and Natural Beach Resort. Laem Singh village also has some history -- it was the main entry point for boats headed up to Chanthaburi from the Gulf of Thailand before roads became prevalent.

The French built offices and prisons near the beach, including one named chicken shit prison due to chickens being placed above the heads of prisoners. Both the prison and another red walled French-built prison/officer's chambers can still be seen today near the beach.

A bridge spans an expansive inlet from Laem Singh to the western Ao Yang peninsular area and is a great vantage point for watching fishing boats disappear over the horizon. Although there's little in the way of acccommodation between Laem Singh and Chao Lao, it's a lovely coastal road that winds through many scenic points and empty beaches.

Last updated: 2nd November, 2012

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