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Yai Ki Cliff beach
Yai Ki Cliff beach sits to the south of the mouth of the same-named khlong and opposite Captain Hook Resort. It's a pleasant enough spot with what look to be the remnants of a bungalow operation, but this is not a beach worth traversing the island for. You can't reach it by road; you have to kayak here from Bann Makok (it only takes five minutes) or visit by boat or kayak from another beach.

Khlong Mat
This is a sliver of a beach that you'll most likely only get to know if you're staying at Koh Kood Beach Resort. It's one of the smallest beaches on the island and one that is totally enveloped by the resort -- they were so unimpressed with it they built a pool! We talked to two French people staying here and they were of the opinion the snorkelling was quite good off the rocks and headland to the northern end of the beach.

Taphao beach
Haad Taphao is a broad, long beach running from Nam Leuk pier in the north to a sandy point to the south. At the far northern end (actually on the other side of the pier) you'll find Shantaa Resort occupying the last bit of sand before the rocks and about half way down the beach to the south lies Ko Kood Cabana -- a resort that wouldn't be near the top of any list we could come up with.

The sand is coarser than the average dusty white Ko Kut beach -- and you know what that means -- sand castles! Probably not worth travelling across the island to reach, but if you're staying at Shantaa, be sure to take a stroll. Watch out for falling coconuts.

Ao Noi
Ao Noi is a crescent of white sand, backed by palms and a few hammocks, hemmed in by wooden piers to the north and south and absolutely crystal clear waters between. We definitely recommend adding Ao Noi to your beach daytrip bucket list. There is supposedly reasonable snorkelling off the southern pier (where you'll be able to swim around the remains of an older seemingly far sturdier pier) but this is also just a great beach for laying on the sand. It is fine and near white. Recommended.

Khlong Chao
One of Ko Kut's prettiest beaches, Khlong Chao boasts powdery white sand along much of its length with plenty of shade and a couple of (resort) beach bars to make yourself comfortable at.

The accommodation on the beach here is decidedly upmarket (and overpriced in our opinion), so if you're on more of a budget you'll be visiting here on a daytrip -- we'd say it's worth it. The beach here is split by Khlong Chao, which empties out into the ocean towards the northern end of the beach. The khlong is home to a couple of khlong-front resorts and cafes and a host of speedboats -- there's a veritable parade of them powering out to sea each morning.

Quite an exposed beach, when the weather turns it on the waters can get pretty rough here and dangerous rips are signposted at the southern end of the beach.

Ngam Kho
This is a crescent-shaped beach with an islet offshore, split by a small canal. Khlong Chao is the next beach to the north and Sai Daeng to the south. The southern part of the beach, by Ngam Kho and Hin Dard, is quite crappy, regardless of tide, with mudflats and rubble, but the central and northern part (in front of Dusita) and north of the khlong (in front of S-Beach) are good, with the central section, boasting fine sand and clear water, ideal for swimming.

The small yet quite fast-running khlong splitting the beach is used by fishing boats to get out to sea. We assume you could swim across it but you can't wade through it. When the tide is very low you can walk from here out to the little islet that has the chedis on it. Off the southern point (in front of Hin Dard Resort) the snorkelling is supposed to be pretty good.

Sai Daeng
This tightly ringed-in bay is next south from Ngam Kho and as it's home to just a single resort -- A-Na-Lay -- it's never too busy. There's a lagoon back off the beach (behind the group houses) but it didn't run into the ocean when we visited -- we assume that's a tidal or big seas occurrence. Like many of Ko Kut's beaches, the water is shallow -- ideal for families with young kids -- and the pale sand is squeaky underfoot.

It doesn't have the more plentiful shade that Khlong Chao does but there is enough to make do and a few deckchairs are scattered around (we assume for resort guests, but we didn't see much eager policing in this regard). If you're able to haggle down the price of one of A-Na-Lay's cheap huts for a longer stay, this could be a pretty good experience. If not, coming here is well worth a daytrip.

Bang Bao
After Sai Daeng there's a strip of fairly rugged coast till you reach the broad and very popular Bang Bao Bay. It's home to a handful of popular resorts (Koh Kood Resort and The Beach Resort on the northern rim of the bay lead the pack) but it's the less popular Siam Beach Resort that takes up most of the real estate here, with Sand and Sea rounding out the offerings on the southern ridge.

Each of the resorts has their own pier -- ideal for sundowners and fish watching -- and going by the amount of snorkelling going on there must be something under those turquoise waters. Out towards the end of Siam Beach's pier they have a couple of large netted crates with fish -- great for kids. Spectacular sunsets can be enjoyed from here.

Ta Khian
This is one of our favourite beaches on the entire island, being largely undeveloped and having super soft powdery white sand (yes it really is just about white here). It's not totally undeveloped though and unless you're arriving by boat you'll most likely come via the rear entrance to gargantuan Cham's House. We don't know how big Cham's actual house is, but it's quite a pad he has built here complete with multi-level hotel building (still being built when we visited) and a host of private pool villas. Right beside it is the more down to earth Pa Hin Sai, which was more to our taste (though still in need of a major sandblasting).

The beach though is lovely. Hit the beach and turn left, walk for about 100 metres and enjoy your Robinson Crusoe afternoon. Water is absolutely clear and there are a lot of fish out there -- you can see them without even getting wet.

Khlong Hin
Southwest facing Khlong Hin beach is next off the rank, moving south from Ao Ta Khian, and it boasts shallow waters ideal for just laying in. It's more of a grey, off-white sand here, but it's still a very fine grain -- ideal for sandcastles -- and the tide has a very, very shallow run-off, so this is a good beach for young kids. The resort has a good patch of lawn -- again handy for kids to burn all that excess energy off on before bedtime.

Off the eastern headland is some okay snorkelling. It's quite photogenic from above the water, though we were told you'll be more looking at fish than any coral around here. There's a khlong to the west and a small canal at the right extremity of the beach, so we'd guess this could get a bit messy in the wet season, but overall it's not a bad strip of sand, and Ao Jak (which we liked a little more) is just around the headland to the east.

Ao Jak
Like Khlong Hin before it, Ao Jak is a shallow beach with a greyish to yellowish very fine-grained sand. We preferred it though for three reasons. Firstly, the resort was empty so there was literally not a soul on the beach. Secondly, the beach is backed by around forty-two gazillion coconut palms -- so it is very photogenic. Thirdly, the eastern headland is quite jungly -- which makes it even more photogenic.

Otherwise though there is little to separate here from Khlong Hin around the headland to the west. There is a khlong to the western end of the beach (you'll walk over it if you come from Khlong Hin), though it's not always open to the sea. It does have stacks of little fish in it -- great for kids. You can also walk around the headland to the south to reach Ao Phrao.

Ao Phrao
This is one of the southernmost beaches on Ko Kut and it can be reached via a very sandy road or by walking around the headland from Ao Jak. A long, broad beach, bisected by yet another one of those tremendously photogenic piers, Ao Phrao has three places to stay -- none of which are especially noteworthy. Aside from the resorts, this was the dirtiest beach we saw on Ko Kut, with considerable flotsam.

Away from the trash, the beach is very pretty with soft, off-white sand underfoot and there's enough shade. The water is shallow for a long way out, so a lot of people were just laying around here. There's also a reggae bar between the two tour group hotels that is supposed to open at 16:00 but we gave up waiting at 18:00.

Last updated: 20th May, 2013

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