Photo: Lazing by the river.

Wat Phra That Khlang Nam (Sunken Chedi)

Wat Phra That slipped off the bank of the river more than 150 years ago and is now only visible when the river is low during dry season.

Photo of Wat Phra That Khlang Nam (Sunken Chedi)

The chedi is quite far out in the river and appears as nothing more than a brown decaying triangle rising above the current.

A yellow flag is tied to its upper tip to make it more easily spotted, and a white replica of the original has been recently built on the adjacent land.

From Tha Sadej market, it's about a 20-minute walk or five-minute bicycle ride east along the river promenade to get here. While the chedi itself is not really worth the effort, it makes a convenient stop en route to Sala Kaew Ku.

Last updated on 23rd March, 2014.

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