Photo: River scenes near Sangkhom.

Than Thip Waterfall

Located at the end of a narrow road shrouded in jungle, Nong Khai province's highest waterfall is both beautiful and secluded.

Photo of Than Thip Waterfall

It may be more out of the way than Than Thong waterfall, but it's at least 20 times better.

Beginning at a usually empty visitor centre and parking area, a well-maintained path takes you a few hundred metres to the first tier, where clear mountain water cascades over a 30-metre rock face into a small pool that's suitable for a dip. From there, steep concrete steps lead up to the stunning 100-metre-high second tier. Here the falls crash down dramatically during wet season, though it's more of a gentle rope of whitewater during the dry months. Bamboo trees dangle over a natural pool that's deep enough to jump into from the easily climbable rock face.

A third, 70-metre-high tier can only be reached if you're Spiderman; the rest of have to settle on glimpsing it through the thick, old growth jungle. We had the entire place to ourselves during a Thursday afternoon, and the atmosphere was ever so peaceful. If you come on a weekend, expect to share the falls with a local family or two.

How to get there
Than Thip Waterfall is located 13 km west of Sangkhom and is easily reached by motorbike. Take Route 211 along the river for around 10 km and you'll see a sign for the waterfall pointing left. This very scenic side road ends at the parking area for the waterfall.

Last updated on 23rd March, 2014.

Location map for Than Thip Waterfall

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