Photo: River scenes near Sangkhom.

Than Thong Waterfall

Easily accessible off Route 211, Than Thong is a popular spot for locals to cool off while enjoying a picnic -- often with no shortage of beer or whiskey.

Photo of Than Thong Waterfall

During wet season, the falls gush over a series of short but wide shelves of rock flanked by massive boulders. The tangled roots of banyan trees intermingle with stone and water.

In the dry season, the "falls" look more like the stream from a faucet, though any time is a good one to wander further down the hill and take a dip in the Mekong. Than Thong can get very busy during wet season, especially on weekends -- expect some giggling stares from the local kids. There's a roadside market on the hill above the falls in case you get hungry. About a km west of the falls is a roadside scenic area with some great views looking down over the Mekong.

How to get there
Than Thong is located immediately off Route 211, 10 km east of Sangkhom, and is well signposted from either direction. If coming from the direction of Nong Khai, it's at the fork where 211 continues west (right) and the road to Wat Pha Tak Seua cuts southwest (left). You can park at the front gate or up at the market, from where a footpath leads down to the falls. Nong Khai to Sangkhom/Loei buses can also drop you here.

Last updated on 23rd March, 2014.

Than Thong Waterfall
10km east of Sangkhom

Location map for Than Thong Waterfall

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