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A village of mahouts

Photo of Ban Ta Klang, , Surin

What we say: 2.5 stars

Their legacy lives on in Baan Ta Klang, where today there are practically as many elephants as people.

At the village centre is a fairly large elephant training area, a small museum, and the Surin Elephants Study Centre. Visitors have the opportunity to feed, bathe and ride elephants, or just watch and photograph them being trained. There is also an elephant show held on most days at 10:00 and 14:00. The museum features an ancient elephant skeleton along with examples of tools used traditionally by the Kui to capture and handle elephants. A great deal of information on the Kui people, the history of elephants in Thailand, and the biology and prehistory of elephants is provided in English.

The Elephants Study Centre is a large-scale project that functions as a centre for training, research and care of elephants. It's also something of an 'orphanage' or 'nursing home' for elephants. If the animals are discovered to be abused by handlers throughout Thailand, they often end up here. In fact, the local government has an ongoing policy in place that is attempting to "bring the mahouts and elephants back to their hometown", and they hope to become the "largest village of elephants in the world".

A handful of simple restaurants and souvenir stands surround the parking lot. After an hour or two in the village, take a ride into the surrounding countryside, where you're likely to see a number of elephants just hanging out in vast, flat fields.

Admission to the elephant centre is 50 baht per person. Note that during the elephant festival there's very little happening in Baan Ta Klang as most of the elephants and mahouts are doing their thing in Surin.

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58km north of Surin
How to get there: Baan Ta Klang is 58 kilometres north of Surin on Route 214 (the road to Roi Et). Songthaews depart regularly from the bus station or the stand near the central market; we were quoted 60 baht per person. It's a manageable motorbike ride if you want to go on your own. Head north on Route 214 and take a left, following clearly marked blue signs the whole way (if you reach Tha Tum village you've gone too far). Once in Baan Ta Klung, take a left right after Ta Klang school and you'll see the elephants straight ahead.
Last updated: 1st February, 2013

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