Si Sang Wan Waterfall

Modest but scenic

Photo of Si Sang Wan Waterfall, , Chiang Dao

What we say: 3 stars

The locale is a peaceful one, at the edge of a well-forested national park, and kept relatively cool by the tree cover.

What makes Si Sang Wan unique is the solid mineral deposits left behind by the spring water that feeds the stream and falls. This results in a grippy, sandstoney floor that allows visitors to walk up the falls -- not beside them -- with enough traction to no worry about slipping or stepping in anything undesirable. On top of that, it gives the falls a very interesting look, and while they are not the biggest falls, they are still quite beautiful.

Aside from the waterfall, there are also camp grounds and a rather pleasant herb garden, with a miniature stream running through it as well. Because the grounds are all part of the national park, visitors are required to pay the standard entry fee -- 200 baht for foreigners. Though this fee always makes us cringe, it is probably worth it, especially if you make an afternoon out of the visit; the falls, gardens and gazebos make for the perfect location for an afternoon picnic, where you can explore the stream, enjoy some food (which you should buy before arriving) and beat the heat in an idyllic setting.

The drive itself is quite nice as well, though if you don't have your own transport, it would likely be easiest to charter a songthaew, though travellers on a budget might find the cost of such a charter to be a bit prohibitive. All in all, worth a look if your exploring the area or looking for a pleasant afternoon out.

Last updated: 20th August, 2012

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