Doi Angkhang

An idyllic mountain escape

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What we say: 3.5 stars

Though once an isolated agricultural hub for the lucrative opium trade, Doi Ang Khang and the surrounding valleys are now an idyllic mountain escape, and a short, scenic (though sometimes treacherous) drive from the centre of Fang.

The Royal Project Research Centres are now spread over much of Northern Thailand, and Fang was one of the first established. Its temperate climate and stunning natural beauty are what consistently lure tourists, both domestic and foreign. With loads of walking/biking trails, local villages, and exotic croplands to explore, you could easily turn a day-trip here into a longer stay, though accommodation in the area is generally a bit pricey — the Ang Khang Nature Resort will set you back at least $100, though we've heard there are some more affordable options as well.

The trip from Fang is a pleasant one — unless you're the one behind the wheel. Locals often say that the ride up highway 1249, just south of town off 107, cannot be done on a motorbike. Even if you are fairly confident in your driving skills, consider taking the day off and hiring a songthaew to take you to Ang Khang. They are easily hired at the junction of 1249 and 107, and should cost around 300 baht for the whole truck.

If you do feel the need to test your mountain driving abilities, do so only if you're certain that your vehicle was made for the steep, winding journey.

Last updated: 19th August, 2012

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