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The complex consists of several different levels of shrines and memorials, all connected by a steep winding road that leads to the top of the hill. Each level offers another view of the town and valley below, and you'll likely find yourself snapping a photo each time you stop.

Wat Tha Ton itself is a huge chedi, brightly coloured and tastefully detailed. Inside are Buddha images that represent the artistic styles of every Buddhist nation in Asia. If you're like us, and enjoy paying close attention to the minute artistic distinctions from one Buddha image to the next, this first floor is fascinating; if you're not, it is worth a peek at the very least. A spiralling walkway leads up the core of the chedi, to the second floor and then on to the upper deck, both of which offer fabulous views of the surrounding scenery.

The wat is still something of a pilgrimage spot for locals and practising Buddhists who find themselves in Tha Ton, and pictures taken at sunrise or sunset will surely garner ohs-and-ahs from your friends and family. Its location directly adjacent to the main road through town makes visiting a true no-brainer, even if just passing through. Overall, this is one of our favourite wats in the north, and not to be missed.

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Tha Ton
Last updated: 19th August, 2012

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