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Those who like to see rural life as it still remains will appreciate the proximity and (sometimes) relative ease of access to an escape from modern development.

In almost every direction, villages surround Tha Ton. Even a short jaunt up Moo 14 — the road that leads north up the bank of the Mae Kok River — will find you in a Shan village.

Just to the west, Highway 1314 runs up into the hills along the Burmese boarder, snaking through the mountains and back down into Mae Ai, and offers access to many villages along the way.

To the east in all directions off Highway 1089 you will find groups of Lahu, Akha, Lisu, Shan, and Thai Lue people living life almost just as they have for so many years.

Basically, if you have a motorbike and explore the area, it will be rather difficult to avoid ending up in a village.

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Last updated: 19th August, 2012

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