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Treks vary in length and challenge. Itineraries vary a little, but as a general rule, a two- to three-day trek will include:

a) Trekking in the mountains;
b) A boat trip and an elephant safari, which means some time out on a river and a jungle trek on an elephant;
c) Treks by foot into the jungle;
d) Visits to Akha, Karen, Lisu and Lahu tribe villages; and
e) Overnight stops in villages.

On these trips the tour guide should be well experienced, but do not expect to see anything dramatic. Over the years trekking has become fairly standardised, but nonetheless an enjoyable experience. The villagers have become very used to foreigners arriving, taking photos and getting back into their minibus or walking off on their way to the next village. It does no harm to buy some of their produce or craft. Some of the more enterprising villagers will be keen to have a photo taken on the premise that you will give them some money.

Last updated: 24th May, 2013

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