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It's gold, gaudy, brash and something of an assault on the eyes, but it really comes into its own at night. It doesn't do its tricks every evening and the timings seem a bit sporadic, but if you are passing the Clock Tower one night it may just give you a light show to remember. Every colour and hue is used, from lime green to outrageous pink as the Tower performs its own version of a bad disco. The show lasts for about 20 minutes and seems to start at around 20:00.

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Paholyothin Rd/Jedyod
Last updated: 24th May, 2013

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  • awesome 5 stars

    15th February, 2014

    I wish my town had one of these on a busy roundabout!
    Light show was on at 7, 8 and 9pm for five minutes each time.
    I love that traffic continues all around the clock tower whilst it's being such a spectacular distraction

    The Clock Tower reviewed by endenday (1)
    Written on 15th February, 2014, rated 5 out of 5. Visited here in February, 2014

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