Photo: Tree shaded ruins at Kamphaeng Phet.

San Phra Isuan

Situated just northeast of the historical park's central zone, this small shrine has a laterite base upon which stands a bronze cast of the Hindu god Shiva.

Photo of San Phra Isuan

The statue is a replica -- the original is displayed in the nearby Kamphaeng Phet National Museum. During the reign of King Rama V, the hands and head of the original statue were stolen by a German tourist who took them to Bangkok in 1886 with the intention of carting them back to Germany. It took a request from the king himself to have them returned, and the Thai authorities graciously supplied a copy of the stolen goods to the Museum of Berlin.

According to an ancient inscription on the base, the image "protects all two- and four-legged creatures" in Kamphaeng Phet, and it's still revered by the local townspeople.

Last updated on 2nd December, 2014.

Location map for San Phra Isuan

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