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Khlong Lan National Park

Spread over 300 square kilometres on the west side of Kamphaeng Phet province, Khlong Lan National Park is best known for the breathtaking 100 metre-high Khlong Lan waterall.

Photo of Khlong Lan National Park

Situated a short stroll from park headquarters, the falls include several different streams of water that cascade over a 40 metre-wide cliff into a collection of pools suitable for swimming; it's possible to swim right up to the falls and let the water tumble down on top of you. With a back drop of lushly forested mountains, Khlong Lan is among Thailand's more picturesque waterfalls, particularly when it flows over the full width of the cliff face during the rainy months from July to September. The falls dry up to a trickle during the dry season, but the park is still a pleasant place to camp, hike and swim.

25 km east of park headquarters, and also reachable via Route 1117, Khlong Nam Lai is a smaller waterfall that's also worth a stop. If you want to overnight in the park, simple fan cottages, camping, a convenience shop and restaurant are available near park headquarters. Nearby Khlong Lan village is mainly inhabited by Karen people -- it's a good place to try the local food and pick up handmade wears direct from the villagers.

How to get there
Park headquarters and Khlong Lan waterfall are located about eight km off Route 1117, some 60 km southwest of Kamphaeng Phet town. It's a fairly simple motorbike trip that takes you first out to Highway 1, then through a U-turn to link up to Route 1117, and finally a long stretch down this quiet and well-maintained road until you reach Khlong Lan village.

When you reach Khlong Lan village, take a right off Route 1117, then another right at the end of the road and continue about five kilometres further to the park. It's also possible to reach Khlong Lan village via bronze songthaews that depart from the day market off Bumrungrat Rd in Kamphaeng Phet town. However, they'll drop you off on Route 1117 and you'd need to hitch or walk the remaining eight kilometres.

Mr Charin from Three J Guesthouse also leads tours here. Unless you can produce a Thai driver's license or work permit, admission to the park is a hefty 200 baht for foreigners, plus an extra 20 baht if you want to bring a motorbike in.

Last updated on 2nd December, 2014.

Khlong Lan National Park
Around 60km from Kamphaeng Phet
Daily 08:00-16:00

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