Photo: Corn hung to dry in a village outside Lampang.

Wat Chedi Sao Lang

Sao means "20" in the northern Thai dialect and sure enough here you'll find 20 medium-sized chedis in an open setting.

Photo of Wat Chedi Sao Lang

They're a mix of Burmese and Lanna styles and there is a small temple on site as well with a Chiang Saen-style Buddha image. A sign says "one can assume they are over one thousand years old," on account of votive tablets from the Haripunjaya period unearthed by villagers here. Locals say counting all 20 chedis will bring you good luck.

It wouldn’t be worth going all this way just to see the chedis but you can take in the more spectacular Wat Phrakaewdontao on the way.

How to get there
The well-signposted wat is around five kilometres out of town on the Lampang Chaehom Road. Cross to the other side of the river pass through the old city walls and the turning is a few clicks further on your left.

Last updated on 22nd June, 2015.

Wat Chedi Sao Lang
Around 5km northeast of downtown Lampang

Location map for Wat Chedi Sao Lang

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