Photo: Corn hung to dry in a village outside Lampang.

Wat Sri Chum

Wat Sri Chum is the largest Burmese-style wat in Thailand and until a tragic fire in 1992 was considered to be the most impressive one of its kind in the kingdom.

Photo of Wat Sri Chum

Construction of the original wat began in 1897; following the 1992 fire a large reconstruction was undertaken. According to a billboard at the temple, it was rumoured the fire was caused by a monk accidentally placing his blanket too close to an electric heater. Whatever the cause, the renovation resulted in an interesting small wat pleasant enough for a look around.

Unlike many Thai wats, this one boasts a lot of information in English, and if you're lucky one of the resident monks will show you around the enclosure.

How to get there
The wat is on Sri Chum Road, a 10-minute walk south from the river just across the main Phaholyothin Road.

Last updated on 22nd June, 2015.

Wat Sri Chum
Sri Chum Rd, Lampang

Location map for Wat Sri Chum

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