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What we say: 3.5 stars

This picturesque waterfall lies at the end of the 24-kilometre-long route 1303, which runs north from the small town of Wang Neua. It's quite a long trip to the falls, but the multiple-level limestone falls are lovely and the setting is relaxing and peaceful, making it a good place to bring a packed lunch.

The waterfall is within the confines of Doi Luang National Park, though this entrance road is a read end, sp you will need to backtrack once you have finished cooling your heels.

Enroute to the falls you'll pass through numerous villages featuring wooden houses, and if the time of year is right you'll see corn being stored underneath them, which makes for gorgeous photos.

Also enroute is the pleasant Wat Phra Kaew, about a kilometre to the west of route 1303 and about halfway to the falls. It has a large chedi set in peaceful surrounds.

Admission to the Wang Kaeo Waterfall is 20B per person and 10B for a motorcycle.

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24km from Wang Neua
Last updated: 14th June, 2014

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Wang Kaeo Waterfall
24km from Wang Neua
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