Tham Pla Forest Park

The fish cave

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Tham Pla (Cave Fish) Forest Park is around 17km from Mae Hong Son on the road to Pai. It's a very pleasant little spot with the river in the cave feeding a number of creeks that run through the grounds. The main attraction is the fish cave, packed with Phluang fish. These fish are similar to carp and have to be some of the best fed ones in Thailand. You can buy small bags of food for them, a popular activity for those on location making merit. The park is easy to spot from the main road, and if you are travelling under your own steam it is a pleasant way to break the trip to Pai. Otherwise it makes for a reasonable half-day trip from Mae Hong Son. Be sure to bring some food and make a picnic of it. Free camping is available.

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17km from Mae Hong Son on road to Pai
Last updated: 3rd September, 2009

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