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What we say: 3.5 stars

Firstly, Mae Sariang is just a pleasant little town to hang out in; sitting in riverside cafes catching up on some reading, postcards, journal writing or internet and walking around the quiet streets checking out a few wats and the market is good for a day or two. Cycling around the quiet lanes and villages surrounding town is another pleasant option or motorbike forays to further flung destinations such as the fascinating border town of Mae Sam Laep on the Salween River makes for a great trip.

At Mae Saem Laep you'll find a bustling market town with boats continually going back and forth across the river carrying all sorts of goods. It's not really tourist orientated like Mae Sai border market but still very interesting and much more picturesque.

The road to Hot passing through some spectacular mountain scenery and passing by Ob Khan national park is also a good day out by car or motorbike but be warned there are very few petrol opportunities between Hot and Mae Sariang.

There are also lots of trekking options from one to three days generally including some rafting or boat trips, elephant riding and overnight in Karen villages. As stated earlier it can be tricky finding a group of like-minded trekkers at short notice in such a quiet town but if you're not in a hurry a few trips around the guesthouses or notices stuck up should do the trick -- especially in the high season. Again as mentioned before prices aren't going to be Chiang Mai, industrial scale trekking prices but you will be visiting genuinely off the beaten track and rarely visited areas.

As a rough guide Roadside Guesthouses trek costs are as follows: three day, two night treks for 6,000 baht and two day, one night treks for 5,300 baht based on two persons. For four people you're not going to half the costs but there would obviously be a reduction. Roadside and North West in particular have tons of trekking and day trip information. One day treks could be Mae Sam Laep, rafting or elephant riding for instance. Salawin Tours on the riverbank road is an independent tour operator not attached to a guesthouse and also gets good feedback.

Last updated: 20th September, 2009

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