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Kayaking is a great way to see Tham Lod and the pretty Lang River, while having fun paddling and navigating mini rapids. Strongly promoted by Cave Lodge, this trip is one of the most popular activities they offer. It lasts about two to three hours, depending on the level of the water and the size and coordination skills of the group. After departure, there is an initial period of acclimatisation as you master handling the inflated rubber kayaks, and meander down the river at a slow pace.

The river runs through the centre of Cave Lod and this is definitely the highlight of the journey, taking about 15 minutes to navigate through the darkness, listen to (and smell) the bats and look at the amazing limestone formations lit only by your headlamps. The river then flows on downstream, past pretty scenery and over small rapids that test your kayak handling skills. During the dry season, the river is low and rapids not particularly fast.

The expedition ends with a tuk tuk drive back to Cave Lodge. The trip costs 490B per person, and can depart at any time between 10:00 and 15:00 from June to February. It's also possible to do a longer version of the trip which goes further down river, past Soppong, for three to four hours. This costs 990B per person and requires a minimum of two people.

Last updated: 14th August, 2009

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