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Located about 20 kilometres northwest of town, this waterfall provides a perfect opportunity to get out of the city and into the jungle.

Champatong waterfall can be found in the mountainous area west of Phayao city, and is surrounded by small trails and forest scenery. The waterfall has five levels, though it may be difficult to get to the top if the water gets very high or the path too treacherous during rainy season.

From the top level a trail leads up to the summit of the peak that the waterfall originates from; more intrepid explorers may find the steep climb worth a try, though we were not willing to give it a go in our flip-flops.

The road leading out to Champatong meanders through several rural towns and farmland, and is very scenic and relaxing. Signage will lead you to the waterfall, but be careful not to accidentally wander off the main road, as there are many smaller roads that branch off it at various angles.

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20km northwest of Phayao
How to get there: Head west out of the city, either on the lakeside road (Pahon Yotin) or the Super Highway for about five kilometres -- either way is fine, as they merge together a few kilometres outside town. Take a left on route 1127, where you will see signs indicating Champatong Waterfall. Follow 1127 to the park.
Last updated: 16th March, 2012

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  • Majestic

    6th May, 2013

    I rode up to the falls to pass the day and loved it. Even though it's the dry season there was still a bit of water coming down. It was not so much the falls that impressed me ,I'm sure they are spectacular in the wet season, but the forest hiking up the falls. Majestic is the only thing that comes to mind. There is a bit of walking so you might want to take some shoes. I was in flaps so I took them off and made it as far as I wanted to go. There is camping allowed for a price of course ,100 or 200 baht don't remember , but It would be a really nice spot for a night or two.

    Champatong Waterfall reviewed by Pecncorn (1)
    Written on 6th May, 2013, rated 5 out of 5. Visited here in May, 2013

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