Tung Sulang Luang

Meadows and waterfalls

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Tung Sulang Luang National Park, just south of Phu Hin Rong Kla, shares some of the common recent history involving the Communist Party of Thailand (CPT). However, the topographies of the two parks are quite different from each other. Tung Sulang Luang Park is known for its grasslands and meadows and is also the home of Phitsanulok's largest waterfall: Kaeng Sopha Waterfall.

Many of the main features of the park are only accessible with a 4-wheel drive in the dry season. But the main visitors centre at the 79km marker on Highway 12 and the Kaeng Sopha Waterfall at the 72km marker provide easily accessible and therefore popular recreation spots for Phitsanulok residents.

There are several types of accommodation available near the Visitor's Centre on Highway 12. There is a campground on the Kek River, as well as many sizes and types of bungalows, from small one-bedroom bungalows that sleep four and cost 1000B per night to small 4-bedroom houses sleeping 10 and costing 5,000B per night.

There is no food for sale in the park, however, so if you are staying over night, be sure to bring your own.

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Around 130km from Phitsanulok
How to get there: The easiest way to reach the main visitor's centre of Tung Sulang Luang is by private car. However, local busses run from Phitsanulok to Lom Sak every hour and are easily flagged down from any location along Highway 12.
Last updated: 4th August, 2006

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