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Some 30km out of town is Wat Phra Boromathat, a cluster of Chedi's which are believed to have been constructed by the famous King Ramkhamhaeng after his victory over the Burmese in the 14th Century. In modern times it is believed to be a place of good luck, prompting a steady flow of local Thai's hoping to increase their fortunes.

Although the Bhumibol Dam (8th largest in the world) is not exactly a cultural hot-spot, it is a great feat of engineering that needs to be seem to be believed. It's main frame is a colossal 154m high and the water displacement that it has caused has helped to turn previously moderate farmland in the surrounding area into a mineral rich fertile area which is ideal for fruit growing, making this a top region for many fruits such as pineapple, pomelo, tamarind, oranges, as well as potato and sugar cane. It also submerged huge tracts of land, but people talk about that a lot less.

Last updated: 13th September, 2007

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