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Tours and Trekking

There are plenty of small operations advertising trips to the waterfall and surrounding areas, but it seems that most are acting as agents for one or two larger companies.

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Compared to far busier destinations like Pai or Chiang Mai, the trekking in Umphang is quite expensive. This is partly a result of fewer numbers but also because the infrastructure just isn't as well developed as in the bigger centres.

If you're looking to focus on the trekking side of things, then our pick of the bunch is BL Tours next to Umphang Guest House. They have a good variety of trips available and can guide you to see the local hill tribes, elephant camps and hidden waterfalls. Most of the other tours stick to a similar route which basically is centred around Tee Lor Su waterfall. Our recommendation is to get into town first and ask about, find a guide or company who suit you and take it from there.

BL Tours
A typical three day two night tour will encompass Tee Lor Su falls where you camp the first day, and includes an elephant ride, rafting, visiting and sleeping in a Karen village over the three days. It's quite hard work and you will need to be relatively fit and healthy, with the first day's hike being around 9km. Prices vary depending on numbers but a group of four people should expect to pay around 3,000B per person.
BL Tours: Beside Umphang Guesthouse, Umphang. T: (055) 561 021

Umphang Hill Riverside Resort & Tour Services
Umphang Hill Tour services are another outfit worth contacting if you're coming through with a group. They run similar trips to Mae Sot Conservation tour. As a guide, trips starting from Mae Sot commence at 5,000B per person, and from Umphang 4,000B (2 persons minimum). If their trips seem a little too commercial for you then it's best to wait until you arrive in Umphang and then ask around in the guest houses as to which guides are offering trips and where they go.
Umphang Hill Riverside Resort & Tour Services
Mae Sot; T: (055) 531 409;(055) 536 167, Umphang; T: (055) 561 063;(081) 886 6599.

Other alternatives include BC Tours T: (055) 561 020 near Trekker Hill, or Seang Nam Sai: T: (055) 561 077

Last updated on 18th November, 2007.

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